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Book a walk-in training

If you do not have the opportunity to follow regular training courses, but you do want to do something about your safety, you can book walk-in lessons.

Maybe you train in another Krav Maga system and you are curious about what Krav Maga Hybrid has to offer, then you are also very welcome. Maybe you will gain more or different insights. You can then expand your own KM system and perhaps improve it with our vision.

Book each time you want to participate by submitting the form below. You pay immediately after sending with the attached payment link.

* Game Rules & Conditions

• For Krav Maga Hybrid and Eskrima walk-in training, a minimum age of 18 applies.

• Prescribed clothing: black long training pants and T-shirt; sleeves and trouser legs not rolled up. Indoor sports shoes, light sole. Furthermore, every student must be in possession of a mouthguard, MMA gloves and a toque. Recommended for women is a sports bra with flexible hard plastic protectors.

• reservations expire one month after purchase without refund

• once paid reservations are non-refundable.

• full GTC & GDPR can be found here